Language Support

At this point, Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires is available in the following languages:

To install, just unzip the files in your Age of Empires II folder, all files should be put into place automatically.

If you’re having troubles with these languages, please check here.

We would like to officially support the following languages in the future:

  • Portuguese

However, for this, and more languages, we need your help! Do you want to see Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires translated into your native language? You can take matters into your own hands.

A complete translation consists out of 2 parts:

  1. History files
  2. Game data

The new history files can be found in /Games/Forgotten Empires/History and are plain *.txt files.
The game data file can be found in /Games/Forgotten Empires/Data and is called language_x1_p1.dll

To open this file you will need this program

You can express your interest by replying in the comments.

88 thoughts on “Language Support

  1. Hey there!
    I got a really annoying problem that i also had with AoE 2: The Conquerors! :(
    Every time i click on Diplomacy or Chat or the host wants to save the game my game crashes.
    For The Conquerors, there was a solution, i just had to turn off my hardware acceleration. But this doesn’t work for Forgotten Empires, because it needs the hardware acceleration to work. It won’t start if i turn the acceleration off.
    Please help me! :)
    Greetings, Minokrates

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