Changes from 1.0c

All civs

  • Cartography is free to research, requires a market.
  • Cavalry Archers cost -5 gold
  • Palisade walls take +1 second to build
  • Stone walls take +3 seconds to build
  • Capped Rams garrison 5 units (from 4)
  • Fireships +20 HP
  • Demolition ships +10 HP
  • Building HP reduced in Dark and Feudal Age
  • Long swordmen +5 HP
  • Long swordmen (and up) +2 attack vs eagles
  • Trade cogs generate +10% gold
  • Monks holding relics suffer from anti-monk damage too now
  • Town Patrol costs -100 gold (300 food, 100 gold)
  • Murder holes costs -100 stone
  • Trebuchets can attack trees a lot better now
  • Onagers can kill trees
  • Outposts cost -5 stone
  • Petards cost -15 food (65 food, 20 gold)
  • Spear-line +2 attack vs camels
  • Stone walls -50% HP in feudal age
  • Fervor fixed (never worked in AoC)
  • Chemistry affects Castles and Town Centers
  • Heavy Camel upgrade -20 secs research time
  • Castles +1 LOS (range bug)
  • Villagers can be garrisoned inside rams


  • Free loom removed
  • Start with +50 gold
  • Jaguar warriors +1 pierce armor


  • Get Cannon Galleons
  • Longbowman creation time -1 sec
  • Receive Heavy Scorpions



  • Furor Celtica gives siege units +40% HP


  • Town Center LOS +5 (moved from Teutons)


  • Foragers work +25% faster
  • Get squires
  • Throwing Axeman (non-elite) missile delay -2 (from 12 to 10, elite stays at 8)
  • Elite Throwing Axeman research cost -100 gold


  • Treadmill crane removed


  • Cannon Galleons removed
  • Huns cavalry archers cost -15% and -25% (castle and imp) -> reduced from -25% and -30%
  • Treadmill crane removed
  • Tarkan (non-elite) +10 HP


  • Get bloodlines


  • Turtle Boats -10% cheaper (180 wood, 180 gold)
  • War Wagon creation time decreased from 25 to 21 seconds
  • Fortifications (walls, towers, castles) built 25% faster
  • Team Bonus changed: Mangonels & Onagers minimum range reduced


  • Base cost for Plumed archers increased to 50g, 50w


  • Elite Cannon Galleons removed
  • Mangudai Siege bonus limited to Rams
  • Mangudai (non-elite) delay -50% (from 10 to 5)



  • Market costs -75 wood


  • Missionaries affected by Bloodlines


  • Town Center LOS restored to normal (moved to Chinese)
  • Town Center garrison +10 units, maximum arrows +5
  • Town Center +2 attack removed
  • Teutonic Knight (non-elite) +10 HP
  • Team bonus fixed (didn’t work automatically in AoC)


  • Elite janissaries are now affected by the Turkish teambonus


  • Team Bonus: Docks -15% cheaper (rather than -25%) (Docks cost 128 wood instead of 113 wood)
  • Viking ship cost now staggered per age: 10% cheaper in Feudal (81w-27g), 15% in Castle (76-25), 20% in Imperial (72-24)
  • Get treadmill crane
  • Berserk (non-elite) +4 HP
  • Longboats wood cost same as galleys

New Techs

  • Eagle Warrior (300 food, 200 gold): Upgrades Eagle Scouts to Eagle Warriors (+1 PA, +5HP, -3 secs creation time)
  • Gillnets (300w, 200f): +15% speed for fishing ships

Random Map Changes

General Changes

  • Deer variance removed, each player has 4 deer at more or less the same distance from TC
  • Fish density improved: fish appear at more regular intervals thus reducing chances of unlucky dock placement


  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Gold distance variance reduced


  • Relics can no longer appear stuck in walls
  • Wall distance variance removed, distance set to 20


  • Larger base size, preventing players to be too close to water
  • Wolves removed

Black Forest

  • Forests remade to prevent the occurrence of bubbles in which resources and relics often got stuck
  • Larger base size
  • Gold and stone distribution balanced
  • Relic distribution balanced


  • Larger base size for players

Crater Lake

  • Larger base size
  • Gold moved slightly further
  • Central island’s position improved


  • Fish removed

Ghost Lake

  • Inland sea rounded
  • Bonus sheep scattered around more evenly

Gold Rush

  • Central gold mines’ position improved


  • Variance on distance of extra boar and sheep reduced


  • Bonus islands appear in the centre
  • Larger base size to prevent noodle-shaped islands


  • Central sea rounded
  • Larger base size, prevents players from being too close to water
  • Wolves removed


  • Sheep and deer distance variance improved, 2 sheep appear very close to TC
  • Wood distribution improved
  • Distance of gold mine improved
  • Gold and stone no longer appear on the shores of mainland


  • Forest enlarged, same distance from TC for everyone


  • Water edges remade: 50% water covers all edges of the map, 50% none
  • Bonus islands appear in the centre

Salt Marsh

  • Map remade from scratch, a ring of water with shallows appears in the middle


  • Ice patches are broken into smaller pieces and scattered around more evenly


  • Boar variance removed

71 thoughts on “Changelog

  1. Also I don’t think its a good idea a Bombard Tower causes only 1 damage to Siege Rams. I think the Age of Kings damage >100 is too much but it should make like 40 damage. To nerf walling reintroducing the Siege Tower may be an idea that can degarrison over a layers of wall. But it may result in all people walling double layer so I am not quite sure. Please keep up the good work :D !

  2. Btw i really like the civilization changes and the civ balance that occurs. On the Forgotten Empires Wiki i saw a new texture for the Elite Eagle Warrior. Is this already impemented and I missed it or is it going to be implemented?

  3. Teutonic knignt shall move faster v = v*1,2 .
    Cattle are never attacked by predators unlike into AoE I.
    Into Age of Mythology, animal are fattening up.
    On the map, there ‘re more predator such as lion, tiger… wheras only at scenaries map , we can insert it in, and i don’t see braiding cow.
    I’d like breed other cattle such as pigs, chicken…. and there are these udpate someday, please. :)
    Twice, a deer has assaulted a guardpost then a house by neebling, but causes only 1 or 2 damages a 30 sec.
    How obtain cows since this new patch ?

    And at Age of Chivalry with Occidental civilization, i can produce sheep for only 10 gold from down center.

    I notice i gradually lead harder troop of hand-man more and more manifold (lim = 1000). The game plays a beat slowly by huge people.

  4. what is LOS meaning ?

    Since the udpate to the AoFE 2 and mainly due to copy-paste of .RAR file Games to Program x86 repertory -about player behaviour,
    soon i’m playing deathmatch, i receive an error message:
    “file: barbarian.PER
    line 4392: ERR 2005:
    invalid-indentifer : up-delete-object ”

    What is a pity. Due to this error, the behavior still be the same: out of the 3 starting villager, one is sheperd and gather meat to feed people, wheras the 2 other are wasting their time to roam through the map whatever map or scenary mode.

  5. It has always bothered me that the Chinese have no bonus to walls, they should have an upgrade, ‘Great Wall’ perhaps, which gives their walls armor as well as allows their villagers to construct them 30% faster.

  6. Why have walls been nerfed so hard? They were never OP in the first place. The nerf is going to turn the game into a flush fest with no possibility to do anything but, except in pocket team games.

  7. This expansion is an amazing piece of work. Thank you. I have a suggestion to add to the idea box. I propose that the samurai and samurai elite upgrade should have their attack values increased. For example last I checked the samurai elite had the same attack value as the samurai around 14 I believe yet I believe the teutonic knight or maybe the elite teutonic knight has an attack value of about 17 the other day I went head to head with some teutonic knights and my samurai elite were taken out with ease.

  8. I’ve been playing a lot of Forgotten Empires lately and I’m glad with the changes. However, I have a two ideas to propose that will change the way a player would handle his/her units (no stats/grafics changes).

    - Have a button in all military buildings that enable the default stance (aggressive, defensive, … ) of the units they’ll have when being created.

    →That way, when a series of military units are created, it is not necessary to change their stance individually anymore. Especially when distant spawnpoints in enemy areas are activated, this new feature makes it easier to avoid loosing track of your units.

    - Have three new buttons in all military units among the ones mentioned above that determine their energetic attitude, which include the following:
    •Passive to Buildings: The unit will not attack enemy buildings but only enemy units.
    •Monk search: If having less than 1/3 of its original hitpoints, the unit will automatically go to the next monk (regardless of its stance (defensive, offensive, … ), its original task and its distance to the monk). If there’s no monk to go to, the unit will enter the next accessible building.
    •Remain Aloof (for units with range attacks only): if the unit is attacking, it will create distance to the enemy unit after every shot until it has a distance of 3/4 of its maximum range.
    They may be activated/deactivated independently of each other.

    →With these new features a lot of military units will get a new point of view. Especially the last two will make it easier to manage the unit control which would be done automatically by an AI. The Monk Search will make a unit more significant and will put a stop to paing too much for new units. The Remain Aloof will avoid letting your archers being slaughtered just like that and create a new danger of cavalry archers.

    Being an experienced player, I have already put a lot of thoughts to this. I’d be glad for an answer, questions and other pros and especially cons. I hope you consider these ideas and let me know, if this will be possible to put through.

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