You can pick a custom AI to play against to customize the game even more to your wishes!


Read more about their personalities and strengths below.

  • Character: Wide array of tactics, going from aggressive rushing to booming.
  • Plays: All game types* if population is 200 or higher.
  • * Random Map, Death Match, King of the Hill, Regicide, Wonder Race, Defend the Wonder

Created by II2N

  • Character: Aggressive rusher, will boom on closed maps but otherwise attack is the preferred option!
  • Plays: All game types, prefers 200 population

Created by Archon

  • Character: Aggressive rusher.
  • Plays: All game types (except Turbo Random), prefers open land maps

Created by Campidoctoris

  • Character: Aggressive rusher.
  • Plays: Random Map, King of the Hill, Defend the Wonder. Prefers open land maps.

Created by The_Offwo

  • Character: Strong boomer.
  • Plays: Random Map, Death Match (Land Maps). Prefers closed land maps.

Created by The_Offwo

  • Character: Balanced.
  • Plays: Random Map, Turbo Random, Regicide.

Created by Promiskuitiv

Note for all AIs: No AI can play maps where transports of villagers are required (e.g. Migration).”Nothing” maps (maps without gold and stone) are also difficult to play. Only Barbarian and Principality can play those “nothing” maps.

  • the_light

    and the new ai in hd is it the same ai in forgotten right, maybe a bit diffrent

  • the_light

    and i have a question, how come the horde beaten barbarian 2-0 on arena mirror=team random, i thought barbarian was the best in arena, so thats mean he doesnt have a home map?