You can pick a custom AI to play against to customize the game even more to your wishes!


Read more about their personalities and strengths below.

  • Character: Wide array of tactics, going from aggressive rushing to booming.
  • Plays: All game types* if population is 200 or higher.
  • * Random Map, Death Match, King of the Hill, Regicide, Wonder Race, Defend the Wonder

Created by II2N

  • Character: Aggressive rusher, will boom on closed maps but otherwise attack is the preferred option!
  • Plays: All game types, prefers 200 population

Created by Archon

  • Character: Aggressive rusher.
  • Plays: All game types (except Turbo Random), prefers open land maps

Created by Campidoctoris

  • Character: Aggressive rusher.
  • Plays: Random Map, King of the Hill, Defend the Wonder. Prefers open land maps.

Created by The_Offwo

  • Character: Strong boomer.
  • Plays: Random Map, Death Match (Land Maps). Prefers closed land maps.

Created by The_Offwo

  • Character: Balanced.
  • Plays: Random Map, Turbo Random, Regicide.

Created by Promiskuitiv

Note for all AIs: No AI can play maps where transports of villagers are required (e.g. Migration).”Nothing” maps (maps without gold and stone) are also difficult to play. Only Barbarian and Principality can play those “nothing” maps.

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  1. These new AIs have absolutely taken the fun out of the game. I play this game for fun and leisure, not to spend 4 hours strategizing against a computer that can clearly outplay any human competitor. In AOE2C, I used to play 1 vs 2 computers on Standard and never had trouble winning games (again, I knew I would win – I was just playing for fun). Now, if I try to play 1v1 with the new AIs on easiest, the computer starts attacking me with 100+ units before I even have time to crank out 20 military units. Even the old “Standard AI” plays differently. They either give up right away or start attacking relentlessly as soon as you hit castle age. Good job ruining what used to be a fun game. I thought it would be cool playing the new civilizations, but these added “perks” are horrible.

    • First of all, you can still play vs the old AI. Also, uninstalling the game is simple.
      If you cant win vs one of the new easy bots you clearly lack the most basic skills of this game.
      What is fun about playing vs a bot that sends in single units every couple of minutes?
      The new bots are a challenge for new players, but only if you play on hard or hardest,
      Up to medium they are very weak.
      Start of by building 2 houses, get your sheep and keep villager production up. If you can, lure the boars to your TC. Throw down a mill and lumber camp and advance once you hit 17-25 pop. depending on your preferences.
      Learning some basic concepts takes 10 minutes max and you will soon learn that the game is much more than bashing a useless bot.

  2. So I have both versions of this game now (the MOD and the HD version on Steam).

    But the AI in the steam version seems not only not to have these options, but also be a lot easier to beat. Is this so for anyone else? Is it true?

    And I’m curious about differences between the two versions, and how they came to be. How about a post about this collaboration?

    I’m also curious to know what others think about the two games. I see more people playing public games on Gameranger using the MOD than on Steam most days. Which is the better one to play?
    - The HD one has a lot of convenient fixes like being able to select more units at once, and a bigger map.
    - The MOD seems to have better AI and the ability to effectively choose different difficulties of AI players in one game.

    • Hi
      Some differences between both versions I have noticed so far are:

      - In the HD you can’t play the AoK and the AoC campaigns with the AoFE features, with this one you can.
      - Incas get Keep in the HD so they can make a better tower rush (by the way, before AoFE v2.2, Incas team bonus is -20%. stone).
      - Incas start with a free Llama instead of a turkey.
      - The HD doesn’t have the option of choosing the AI.
      - This mod have a harder AI than the HD.
      - The HD doesn’t let you choose the color of the players in the random map while here you can.
      - The Italians start game music is different in each one.
      - New cheat “I don’t exist” gives you a penguin in the HD.
      - In the HD, Indian team bonus gives camels +6 atk vs buildings, in AoFE 2.2 is +5 (in previous version is camels +1 armor)
      - There are some new units in the HD, like llamas, bears, donkeys, flamethrowers, 1 new building and new heroes available in the scenario editor.

        • Oh when playing with AI’s i would personally play with AoFE since it has a better AI than AoTF (HD) currently.
          Once HD has a better AI you can chose what you like more (since both versions are a bit different and have their pros and cons compared to the other one).
          This and other things might change in the future (depending on what has been improved/changed in either of the games).

  3. I really like to play AOE2, in my place too many friends who play anyway, since the update to Aoeforgoteten game becomes more fun and enjoyable, for which I am grateful for the hard work of administrators who have made ​​this AI. . .
    just a question. . .
    whether the admin who made ​​this AI 1vs1 or 2vs2 beat against hard or hardest???

    • I’m not sure if i understood your question correctly, but yes – almost all of us AI scripters are able to beat our AI’s on hard or even on hardest. The better players of us AI scripters can even win vs 2-3 teamed hard AI’s alone.

  4. How come Promi is shown here as one of the AIs included in Forgotten Empires? I have the latest non-HD version of AoFE installed (2.2), yet I do not have Promi in my “Script.AI” folder. I have all the other listed AIs, though.

    • Hey Emperor_Justinian, this can be solved by reinstalling the game (sounds tedious, but isn’t – just click the “reinstall” button on the “AoFE_Launcher.exe” in your “…\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II” directory).
      I’ve made some (unreleased) updates to Promi since then but the current version included in AoFE should be relatively decent too (especially its flush). I saw that you manually updated AoFE’s UP to 1.4 so if you want to update any AI’s like Barbarian and Promi (which both need 1.4 (Promi not yet, but once i released the new version)) in the future you can just update them in your “…\Microsoft Games\Age of Empires II\Games\Forgotten Empires\Script.AI” directory.
      Thanks for your interest in Promi and AI’s in general. :)

        • I just reinstalled Forgotten Empires and Promi is still missing. I know I can download Promi from AIScripters, but I am just wondering why Promi would be listed here as a bundled AI if it is not installed by the installer.

          Maybe I misunderstood the purpose of this page. Is it meant to list only the AIs bundled with FE, or does it recommend any FE compatible AIs?

          In the second case, this page should provide users with a download link for the non-bundled AIs (i.e. Promi) – and preferably on a publicly viewable website, as the need to register an AIScripters account could deter the average user from downloading AIs.

          • That’s weird, Promi should be included in the package (so usually a reinstall works fine).
            Not sure what went wrong with the installation there.

  5. First thanks for these new AIs since they really pose interesting challenges (and thanks for the old standart AI in the game, as well).

    I’d like to play against tree teamed moderate computer player. But after having started a game with these settings, the AI seem to successively ‘adapt’ the difficulty, leading to much more than i can handle.
    Bypassing this by choosing a particular AI seems to me as an option but
    I still have three questions:

    - The AI ‘Computer’ is the only one to adapt to the skills, isn’t it?
    - Is there a poissibility to block this somehow?
    - What do the chat messages “The Horde Artificial Intelligence Script 3.1″
    and just “up” exactly mean?

    • Questions 1 + 2:
      I am not exactly sure what you mean by “adapt to the skills”. Are you saying that the AIs play stronger on Moderate difficulty than on easier difficulties, or are you saying that the AIs are ignoring the difficulty setting?

      Question 3a:
      The Horde was created to participate in competitive AI tournaments and ladders. Many of the AIs involved in these sorts of competitions are frequently updated, and it is crucial in official matches that the correct version is used. As such, many competitive AIs (including The Horde) will send a chat message at the beginning of the game to let users know which version they are using.
      Note that selecting “Computer” will randomly pick one of the other AIs, so you will get this chat message whenever The Horde is picked. If you would prefer not to be told which AI you are playing against, then I can give you instructions on how to remove the chat message from the script.

      Question 3b:
      Do you just want to know what “up” means, or are you getting chat messages containing the prefix “up-”?
      “up” usually refers to UserPatch, a community patch for The Conquerors that fixes numerous bugs, introduces new features and improves the scenario editor, the AI scripting language and the RM scripting language. FE includes a 2013 version of UserPatch. Newer versions of UserPatch have since been released, though FE users need to follow specific instructions in order to update their UserPatch version.
      If you are getting chat messages beginning with “up-”, then an AI is chatting information that helps the AI’s author to understand its in-game behaviour.

  6. Hi there.

    I am currently playing Forgotten Empires on the HD version of Age of Empires. Non of the custom AIs I imported work. Error messages will pop up without fail saying that certain lines in the AI’s script is problematic. Could you please look into this and get back to us on it?

    Also, does Forgotten Empires already have all the benefits of Userpatch built into it?

    Thanks, and awaiting your response.

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