5 brand new civilizations
30 new technologies
9 new units
1000 population limit
11 new maps
1 new building
2 new architecture sets
20 new scenario editor objects
? new campaigns
Full unlimited resolutions (Widescreen included)

Challenging AIs
Multi Building Queue
Team Random option
Widescreen support
Windowed mode
Improved Networking
Various bugfixes

All new features thanks to UserPatch

257 thoughts on “Features

  1. Hi one question.
    I was trying to see some aoefe rec games from a tournement.These games are marked as 1.4 version(of syandar conquerors) and dont load.AOfe are of 2.2 version.How did they manage to run aoefe with 1.4 version of user patch?how can i see them?They dont start neither with aoc nor with aoefe exe

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