I’m having installation problems with Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
What is Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
How much does it cost?
When will it be released?
What are the system requirements for Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?
What platforms will the game be available on?
What are the new civilizations?
Will there be new campaigns?

I’m having installation problems with Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?

Please check out the frequent problems here.

How much does it cost?

It’s free! Donations are optional.

When will it be released?

December 2012.

What are the system requirements for Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires?

A Windows XP/Vista/7/8 PC with an internet connection (for future updates).

What platforms will the game be available on?

Only Windows (XP and up) will be officially supported.

What are the new civilizations?

Italians, Incas, Magyars, Slavs and Indians.

Will there be new campaigns?

Yes, more than you’d think!

  • sebastizo

    Hi Can i play the old campaigns (AOK or AoC) on AOFE? or at least can I open the saved games of AOK or AoC in AOFE? Thanks

    • Promiskuitiv

      Yes, you can still play the AoK / AoC campaigns on AoFE. :)

  • mdshanholtzer

    I just found out about the Forgotten Empires expansion and I downloaded the version 2.2 update (having never downloaded the previous patches), The game appears to have all the new characters, buildings, techs., etc. However, I only have 1 new campaign (Alaric) and the campaign ends at “The Sack of Rome” level. Shouldn’t I have more new campaigns? and shouldn’t there be more levels for the Alaric Campaign? If so, how can I fix these problems? Thanks for the support.

  • sasaGK

    when i click on the history book there’s only the civilization name but their history is empty … another problem: when i point my mouse on any reasarch its name only appears but their describtion doesnt appears in that black box… what can i do to solve this problem ?? ( sorry for my bad english )

  • Lagfighter

    I love Age of Empires Forgotten.

    But there is a huge Bug in the game, I dont know why but we (me and a friend) could play this game onlay with 125 pop or less and after around one hour (or less) the game doesn’t work anymore.

    Its just so laggy, guess 1 Frame or so. We both have very good inet connections and low pings. And our PC are modern High-End PCs… Its nearly every game the same: first hour = no problem, than lagg. we didnt use to have this problem BEFORE the Upgrade “Forgotten Empires”.

    We play on gameranger and voobly, its always the same fu**** bug. Is it the AI that makes the enemies movement calculations that complex? Can’t imagine that.

    Any suggestions how to solve this LAG Problem?

    • Reganknight01

      I have that problem sometimes. I’ve heard that killing more enemy units or saving and restarting where you left off might help.

    • Emperor_Justinian

      An AI can cause lag if its code contains a particular attack command (attack-now), especially if it uses that command repeatedly. I am fairly certain that Barbarian, The Horde, Crusade and The Khanate use alternative methods of attacking. However, both the Standard AI and Principality use attack-now in order to launch attacks.

      In fact, looking at Principality’s code right now, I can see that it would be using the attack-now command about every 1-2 seconds when it has military superiority over an enemy.

      Which AI have you been playing against? Keep in mind that the “Computer” option randomly picks one of the AIs. Does the lag start when the AI begins sending its army to attack you?

      Having lots of trebuchets in the game can also cause lag, but I suspect your issue is AI related.

  • PoloMm

    How can i run multiplayer in aoe forgotten edition?
    when i try to run it, it displays a message:
    You were dropped from the game

    • Jorchking

      Play it with GameRanger.

      • iory08

        i want to play it in LAN mode, but computers doesnt recognice each other, The Land its OK becuase i can play AGE 3 multiplayer

        • okn

          Did you solve this problem?

  • sirjonas

    I only have the alaric Campaign, is there any more?

    • http://www.forgottenempires.net Cysion

      Hi, the new campaigns only come with the Steam version of the game, which you can find here: http://store.steampowered.com/app/239550/

      The mod version only has Alaric.

      • thor

        Have to buy or free??

  • deadpoolsoham

    In the campaign menu of the forgotten empires which is the custom camapigns I can only see the campaign of Alaric the goth why. I just installed the game yesterday. Will new campaigns will come after I finish the first campaign???

  • timbo425

    Hi, I’m having a problem when I create my campaigns the walls and sometimes towncenters dissapear when I play them…it has never happened with the other Age 2…help?! could it be one of the triggers?

  • Sathuros

    I have bought both the AoE 2 HD and the forgotten Empires over steam and when I open the game and picks either campaign or standard game I can’t see that something new were installed, no new civ’s and no new campaigns. But when I go to “Help” icon I can read about the new civ’s.. Anyone have an answer?

    • Sathuros

      Solved it! There was a “switch” button on top of the screen which enable the new expansion ;)

  • random34

    Me and my friend just bought this expansion, only to find out what a waste of money it is, you can’t play multiplayer like you can on regular age of empires II hd, because when you try to do multiplayer in the forgotten expansion someone gets “dropped”/etc when you try to start the match/etc.

    • http://www.forgottenempires.net/ Bert Beeckman

      HD and AoF share the same executable, if something is happening on the expansion, it happens in the basegame as well and vice versa. Have you been playing with the most recent patch on HD to compare? If anything, make sure to verify your gamecache and look forward to the next patch (expected this week). As for your units not standing in formation: this could be due to your units being very far away from each other when you select them, this is also the case in the old AoE2.

      • random34

        Both me and my friend have been playing AoE 2 almost every other day.
        “if something is happening on the expansion, it happens in the basegame as well and vice versa”
        apparently not, because after both me and my friend stopped trying to use the AoF expansion and went back to the AoE 2 hd version everything was working fine as normal.

        “Have you been playing with the most recent patch on HD to compare?” I play AoE through steam so i could only assume through steam.

        “verify your gamecache and look forward to the next patch” not sure what that the gamecache is or how to “verify” and as for “patches” are they automatically downloaded if you have steam or do you have to download them somewhere yourself?

        as for the units, in the AoE 2 hd i play, if units are far apart when you order them to go somewhere, they will still converge on the same point close together once they all reach that destination point. On the one match of (singleplayer standard match with computers only) i was “lucky” enough to get into, when i ordered some scattered villagers to go to one point, they all walked in that direction but did not all gather at the destination point together like units do in AoE II hd

        • http://www.forgottenempires.net/ Bert Beeckman

          Indeed, the patches should download automatically. A new patch has just been released in fact, could you see if the problems still happen for you?

          If so, could you please tell the settings you’re playing in AoF? (I’m guessing there must be something different compared to the base game you’re using…)

          • random34

            Just tried it and most things seem to be going smoothly now.

            And for settings, not sure what you are referring to as i never changed any settings.