Back when we started out the “Forgotten Empires” mod, the Age of Empires II community showed its overwhelming support through donations to make the first expansion to the game in over a decade a reality. The money made it possible to keep this website running and have enough bandwidth to deliver the mod/expansion to millions of fans. This is all many years ago and since then we’ve been working with Microsoft to create official expansions to the game. We feel we can no longer ask for donations, so this page now serves as a big thank you to the whole community!


  • mcload64

    Congratulation! 🙂 I waiting for you.

  • redmenace13

    Im from america, is there a way to donate in us dollars? i would like to help you guys as this is the biggest thing to happen to aok since conquerors and i am excited to play it

    • poeticider

      Hi, you can only pay in euros. However, you can easily use a currency converter to select the amount you would like to donate in US dollars- for instance if you would like to donate 10 dollars the currency converter works this out as 7.40 euros so you could donate that amount. I hope this helps =)

  • thestrider99

    can i bribe you to create the polish? (renneasance not that hegemony pre cossack stuff)

  • Malinka

    Danke für die Arbeit, Jungs. Das ist allemal die HD-Version wert.