Dev Blog #6

Better late than never eh?


In the last few weeks, we saw good progress on AoFE. A lot of play testing, balancing is going the right way and graphics and music are shaping up as well. Optimistically I would say we’re actually going to make our deadline!


Thanks to the enormous amount of suggestions in last Dev Blog, we finally rounded up the Unique Techs. Providing all civs with a useful technology that can hopefully crack open a new bottle of tactics. On top of that we are streaming a lot of our testing games, including expert matches on AoFE. Feel free to tune in at our official Forgotten Empires channel or ZeroEmpires’ channel. It may happen that our matches go out of sync though and that errors occur. Which immediately makes clear why we haven’t released the damn thing yet ;)


Jan and Yan are working hard to get the Slavic graphics sorted out. It’s all matter of “hitting the right spot”, but sadly we’re not there yet. But we can clearly see them getting closer everyday. As you can see in this comparative screenshot which shows the evolution of the feudal age barracks:

They have also completed the graphics for the palisade gate (it’s pretty!), updated the Magyar Huszar and even created a full set of Slavic walls & gates.


That’s the amount of fans we hit this week on our FB page. Sadly I wasn’t able to capture this “hilarious” moment as I logged in when we had 11112 fans. So, next stop, 111111?


Slow but steady. These things take a lot of time to create, but they’re coming alive. For the release next month we hope to have at least 2 and hopefully 3 campaigns ready. The theme will be the Italians. Even though you won’t play every campaign from the point of view of the Italians! Additional campaigns will be released in the first late-January/early-February patch and more shall be added as we go.


Over the next week, the site will be moved to a new host. This might lead to error messages and generally the site being down. However do not fear, that means we’re working on it.

See you next time!

133 thoughts on “Dev Blog #6

  1. Have there been any decision taken on whan the game will be released for download? I’m really looking forward :D

  2. Swimming villagers please!
    Ok how about a ‘Snorkeler’ who can swim across and build stuff. Shouldn’t be to hard cos the only graphics you’d need is a bit of bamboo poking out of the water. :)

      • Ok make it unique tech like supremacy. Forget the snorkels, just let them swim and take their chances against the galleons. Water maps need a little something extra and I’m sure Cysion would love to have a whole new unit to develop while he waits for release date. :)

  3. Please include some tech tree info in the next dev-blog and most importantly,a finely approximated release date.Thanks and good luck :D

  4. Lol cysion, i thought, that you said it would be done in december.
    Well, now i have stopped my trusting at you… -.- why you promised that it will be released untill end of the year? I bet it wont be finished even in end of january…