Dev Blog #4

It has been 2 weeks this time, let’s see what happened.


Fair and square, not a lot happened sadly. The sole reason for this is that I have a full time job, and when things are busy there, it’s tough to come home and start another full time job. Sometimes a break is suitable. However, we’re still focusing to get the whole project ready within a reasonable amount of time.


The biggest achievement probably comes from you guys this week, as we’ve gotten to 10000 fans on our Facebook page.
I never expected we would reach that insane number, but we did, thank you guys! Up to our next goal, beating Age of Empires Online? 😉

Balance & Small features

Last week we asked for ideas for Unique Techs for some of the old civs. Many interesting ideas were launched, so let’s see what the current list is:

  • Byzantines UT: Greek Fire (Fire Ship Range +1)
  • Britons UT: Warwolf (Trebuchets do blast damage)
  • Chinese UT: Great Wall (Walls +50% HP)
  • Teutons UT: Ironclad (Siege +5 melee armor)
  • Aztecs UT: Atlatl (Skirmishers +1 attack/+1 range)
  • Korean UT: Panokseon (Turtle Boats +15% speed)
  • Vikings UT: Chieftains (Berserks +3 attack vs Cavalry)
  • Turks UT: Sipahi (Cavalry Archers +20 HP)
  • Japanese UT: Yasama (Towers shoot +5 arrows)
  • Mongol UT: Falconry (Mounted units +5 LOS)
  • Persian UT: Persepolis (Trade carts +5/+5 armor)
  • Spanish UT: Inquisition (Monks convert +20% faster)
  • Franks UT: Chivalry (Stables +50% faster)
  • Saracen UT: Madrasah (Monks that are killed return 33% of their cost)
  • Huns UT: Marauders (Enables Tarkans in the stable)
  • Mayans UT: Tlatoani (Archers, Crossbowmen, Arbalests +3 attack vs buildings)
  • Celtic UT: Stronghold (Castles and towers fire +20% faster)

As you can see, some of these techs (Persians, Mongols and maybe Saracens, Mayans and Celts) are up for improvement. The ideal Castle Age unique technology is usable in the Castle Age in a viable tactic. Remember that a castle must be built to acquire them as well! (British UT will change place with Yeomen, so the treb-tech comes in Imp where it belongs).


We’re seeing steady improvement on some of the campaigns. Virtual cities are rising in the mountainous landscapes of the Italian peninsula.

See you next week, hopefully with more progress to report!

  • shadow

    So now every civilization has two unique technologies. Why not make every civilization possess two unique units? I think it will be more interesting!

  • shinli256

    I suppose these UTs are for castle age. But wouldn’t it be weird that the Briton castle-age UT only affects in imperial age.

    • John_the_Late

      Somewhere they stated to switch the Briton UTs, so Warwolf for Imp and Yeomen for Castle.

    • shinli256

      Could you show me where they stated that? Also, is the conclusion only used on Britons?

      • WarthonJP

        “Remember that a castle must be built to acquire them as well! (British UT will change place with Yeomen, so the treb-tech comes in Imp where it belongs)..”

        Just before “Scenarios” title.

        • shinli256

          Oh, now I find it.

  • Ur_Madjis-T

    Most of these techs are pretty good so I like them a lot. However I do think there will be some issues with some of the techs not discussed by other posters:
    1. I think Sipahi would not only make Turkish CA’s too OP because now they have the ability to tank as well, coupled with their maxed out stats from the Blacksmith, but it would unnecessarily take away from the Turks’ focus on gunpowder. What if the technology instead provided the Light Cavalry line and CA’s with +2 attack vs. ranged units and 2 pierce armor? So now they have the ability to fight both infantry (with their gunpowder units) and archers (with their CA’s and Hussars), while using Camels as their anti-cavalry. At least that way Turk players can still rely on gunpowder as their main offense, while training Hussars and CA’s as necessary to take out enemy archers and skirmishers, or Camels for cavalry.
    2. I like the Mongol tech, though coupled with their team bonus it might be too much, so how about their Light Cavalry line and CA’s get +3 LOS instead of +5?
    3. I think Chieftains should provide an attack bonus vs. infantry rather than cavalry, considering they already have 62HP Pikemen that they can utilise (Or 75HP Halbs if you decide to give them the upgrade).

    • shinli256

      For the Mongol UT, I would say that +5 LOS for mounted units isn’t that useful. Since they’re fast, you can simply make them run a little further to explore the same size of land.