Dev Blog #3

Your weekly report on what the heck we’re doing!


As you might have noticed, an account is required to reply on this website. A tedious practice I would agree, but those accounts are not for nothing :) Not only gives it an extra little protection towards spam, but also, when the game will be released, we’ll go through open beta phase first. With that we’ll open a part of the site for tracking bugs. And that will require an account. Currently we’re working on linking both parts. Oh, and the accounts will be for something else as well, but that’s for later.

YouTube Preview

I noticed that the latest preview video for AoFE dates back to February 2012, way too old and time for a new one. So geared with a brand new microphone and my best radio voice I did a game commentary for a testing game we did this week. Don’t expect top-of-the-charts micro & macro-management, but just a damn enjoyable game.

The map played was Golden Pit. A stab at Gold Rush and much more enjoyable in my humble opinion.

Balance & Small features

This must have been the first week without balance changes, I think most balance will be for the open beta. Also, there hasn’t been any news about our mini Nations Cup lately. An internal tournament we held amongst members of the Beta Team. Sadly the tournament came to an end and we won’t be seeing more games of that in the future.

Have your say: What would make an interesting team bonus for the Slavs?


More progress on the Slavic buildings by 1302. Which is also the reason they weren’t picked in the game above.


It’s moving slowly, but it’s moving nevertheless. Extra objects must be created, extra heroes must be put in and ofcourse, designing a neat scenario just takes a lot of time!


I’m very satisfied with my current webhost, but I’m well aware that it won’t be enough for when the game actually has to be downloaded & maintained. Anyone has advice on this part? (Count at least 200 GB of monthly traffic). Personal experience is always a plus 😉

  • q347
  • Hospitalier

    So many suggestions have been given already but a meek little team bonus the slavs could have would be faster boar killing. As a czech I know that was a popular past time back then and still is now. Doesn’t do much for the military side of things though. Now, would you still use Teutons to play as Bohemia? As for the Moravians slavs would fit much better =) So happy slavs are in this! ^^

    • xThomas

      I think it’s cool, but the Goths may have that bonus already.

      • redmenace13

        the bonus is not actually as useful as you might think
        i think the goths are a very fun and strong civ, and i think the no walls is a fun feature, and i like that it is now being alowed for the huns
        maybe we will finally be able to pick our own civ

        • Hospitalier

          @xThomas: so it is =(

  • q347

    good day,crision. i have some advices for AOFE
    hope you can see it 😀


    i think italian is poor on land map in this version :(,
    it seemed can’t fight against all the other civs on land map/mutil land map,
    especially VS a certain amount of eagel/plum/longbow/GOTH/truky……long range & fast untiarcher units :( ,
    italian is not like vik/spain/huns/sla……they can Played characteristic Whatever on land or sea,but italian seems can not be that :(

    Italian is emphasized as a navy civ,but in fact,it can’be also can’t fight against vik china&many powerful navy civ when Feudal age&castle age,becaus it’s poor Military advantage before empire age. and advantages is too Concentrated on water
    I think some Strengthen and adjust is necessary for this civ

    we could consider changing “All dock techs cost -50% “to “All dock techs cost-20% “& “get free blacksmiths arrow upgrade(need to build blacksmith)”

    because free blacksmith arrow attack upgrade is very useful to the boats too,so italian will keep their Navy Advantage & it can also brings variety kinds of tactics for italian when on land map……
    Of course remain the same is a good ideal too.

    If “free arrow upgrade” is too powerful
    PLAN A I propose cancel “Advancing to next age costs -10%”
    One of the reasons is it’s just like Byz’s bonus

    PLAN B is keep “Advancing to next age costs -10%”,cancel free arrow & get teou old bouns “tc+2 attack” or get “all attack bulidings +1 attack(TC towers castles & …cannon towers…11 )”

    we could also think for “all university techs 10%~20% faster Research”to keep italian’s civ Features,China get cost down/ turky korean get some free techs,and there is no civ for faster university Research,it can make AOFE a little more comprehensive
    (still no faster Temple Research too…ToT…Religious equality 11)

    *”get squires & make Condottiero’s base move speed a little down”

    italian Disabled halberdiers & pikes without squires……
    Condottiero has a litile sad without squires,as an italian UU Unit,
    when alliances used Condottiero with more faster move speed,Even VIK/JAP/AZT/CELT use it,italian play’s feel is no good i think……
    the reason is why i adviced to get squires
    remain the same as now is ok of couse ,Balance adjustment is very very hard…….

    *”GET bloodlines, lose +10% cavalry move speed tech”

    italian get compre blacksmith Techs but it is not very useful for cavalry units,just like brit :(
    i think a little Faster move & have a certain impact strenth unit is necessary for italian,
    lose speed & get bloodlines is fit to genobow “A rather slow archer with high HP “too 11,
    it will brought not bad balance for this, i think :)
    the genobowman & heavy knight & canon tower Combi can be played like china or spain when empire age.
    Italian Heavy Draught horse is widely used on 18 age,it Conform to Durable & Slow these two features
    on the current version,italian knight is same as brit,and their have no light cavalry without speed up techs on the game,this change can also make something different i think


    *get bloodlines & knight+20% hp—>+10%hp
    *cancel Franks can garrison cavalry units in their stables
    *keep Disable squires
    (or remain the same as now is ok)

    Effect: Gives Berserks anti-cavalry bonus
    *consider it also can +2 attack for pike too


    Team Bonus:
    *Rams attack 20% faster–>10% faster
    Celt’s rams is too strong with a Slavs alliance

    these advice suggestions is only based on theory,I have no chance to test it ,there will be some mistakes,11
    wish something can be useful for you,I believe AOFE Will present a new situation & new balance for all AOFE plays.

    thanks to All staffs !

    • redmenace13

      i think you are right that italian needs to be improved, and i agree with the frank bloodline thing, they supposedly have “the best knights” but they dont standout at all, and there light calvary sucks, but i do think they need squires
      i dont know exactly how you should improve the italians, but they need something

  • q347

    less cost in gold when upgrading to hussar; 600 gold is too expensive.

  • Jaydev

    I agree ,hussar is wayyy to expensive for what it offers.Now,for a matter of vital importance:when will the next dev-blog come?

  • hauntedgt

    I don’t think hussar is too expensive. It is a very good trash unit and good raider too. It has a lot of hit points and considerable attack for a gold free unit.

    I have the question about next dev blog too. it is more than 11 days already since the this blog.

    • q347

      bloodlines HP20=100g
      hussar HP15=600g

      • petard

        Bloodlines is not expensive enough.

        • Jaydev

          The upgrade on the whole is worth it but the amount of gold you spend for the upgrade from the previous unit is very little.