Dev Blog #1

So far we had the habit to keep quiet about the work happening behind the screens of Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires. Even though we will maintain that principle, I decided to write a little blog report every week or two to keep you guys up to date on the things we’re working on.


The stories for the campaigns start to shape up, and the first scenarios are being created. Making a real “official” campaign takes so much more work than just a stroll down the scenario editor. Not only must we create an immersive experience for the player, the stories must also be translated, suitable music must be composed and cut scenes are to be drawn up. And god knows if we’ll ever go down the road of voice acting 😀

Scenario Editor

New scenarios obviously require new objects, heroes, buildings and units in the scenario editor. Which has been our main focus this week. Small things like a flock of seagulls swarming over the seaside just make it all more vivid. Or something more robust, like a fire tower? The objects we can add are limited, so we must consider which objects are worth adding eventually and which are not.


This week, we received the final version for the Forgotten Empires Opening Theme from our composer, Vitalis Eirich. Check it out!

Balance & Small features

One of the things we have been playing around with this week was giving villagers the ability to garrison villagers inside rams, similar to soldiers. Could it lead to some extra tactics? Some extra nice moves one can pull off? We surely think so :)


Work has also started on our final graphics set. A cold, chilly, yet robust Slavic stable to start with. And last weeks, we also came up with a new icon for AoFE.


A new game also comes with a new installer. It is meant to make it easy for players to stay up to date with the latest patches of the game without any tedious or complicated copy+paste hazards. Hit the button and *poof*, you have the latest version. We’ll have some work on this one for the coming weeks =)

  • q347

    New ideas:

    Make Chinese become guerrilla civ.
    a. Barrack/Archery/Stable and units from them should decrease their cost by 10% in feudal, 20% in castle and 30% in imperial
    b. Cancel imp techs for blacksmith
    c. Maximum pop + 10 in imperial age
    d. Technology cost decreases should be removed. this characteristics should be given to Byzantine if the ideas mentioned above are agreed.(Suggetions about increasing villager speed can be neglected)
    e.The cost of fortified wall is free

    Reasons for changing Chinese:
    Historically Chinese takes advantages of guerrilla war with large population instead of relying on cheap techs. In addition, decreasing cost in feudal and castle age enables it to make armies or upgrade to imp earlier than other civs. Chinese can be properous in imperial age, but it does not have imperial blacksmith techs, and leads to a result that this civ can play guerrilla battles with -30% cost armies but with -1 attack and -1 defense comparing to other civs.

  • xThomas

    But.. but what about the Mongols!

  • Jaydev

    I’ve written most of this in feautres as well but since everyone seems to be expressing their views here,I’m going to as well. My suggestions are:

    1. Arbalests should benefit from rocketry.

    2.British castle age UT should be renamed archery law ,should make all foot archers trained faster and should also add some accuracy since they never hit their target when their more than 10 range away.

    3.Make the castle age UT of Chinese a rate of fire upgrade on their scorpions.

    4.Make a new blacksmith upgrade called broadheads that increases archers’ attack vs cavalry.

    5.Make the dock based UTs of the Koreans and Byzantines avalable at the dock after building a castle and give them a land based castle age UT.

    6.Give the other cav archer civs(viz. Turks,Saracens and Japanese a bonus or tech that encourages their usage from the castle age.I already heard Turks, castle age UT gives cav archers +20 hp but what about the other two?

    7.Make the Logistica tech do trample damage on all sourrounding units and inflict bonus damage on surrounding infantry since all infantry have enough armour to resist it.

    I may look like I’m ordering you to do this but most of these points are historically verifiable and I’ve already mentioned that in previous comments:)

  • rdcdt

    avez vous modifier les tour a canons car elle attaque beaucoup trop par rapport au prix.
    il serait bien qu’après les mur fortifier qu’il y ai des mur qui attaque avec des flèches. Je sais que c’est un nouveau concept mais on s’y habituera vite, et qu’on trouvera sa normal.
    Je pense qu’il pourrai attaquer 3 par bloc avec une porter de 2.
    et qu’il coûte en plus 10 de nourriture. Pour les portes elles coûteraient 50 de nourriture en plus.attaque 3×3 (trois flèches) avec une porter de 4.

  • for_pictures

    i can’t view the image, the link redirects me here:

  • bw777

    British:new UT:longbow could be trained in archery(or else Britan becomes too weak)

    Byzantines:imperial-33%cost,what about upgrade age 33% faster,and also free upgrade for second los tech in tc of castle age.

    Chinese: roketry should effect arbalest,they are acher civ but no receive arch benefit, also give them bombardier,they are too afraid of Catapult.

    Teuton:teutonic knight cost 5 food them defence civ

    Maya: crossbow and UU are too cheap, and they got all techs, delete certain tech to make it weaker. 100 hp EWs should be weaken by delete tech

    Viking:make berserker throwing axe attack, just like Harold….

    bug: after hero monke gets relic it becomes monke with relic, after it puts relic in the monastery, it becomes monk….
    sometimes use MY of AZ, right click tc, and right click somewhere else there’s rally point flags


  • WarthonJP

    Now that you mention the scenario editor, can you fix a bug which happens there?

    When I start the map in grass and then create water with fish, my allies and all system players don’t use it to fish nor build a dock. Even if I put them a dock, they don’t create fishing ships, even if I put them docks and fishing ships they don’t fish :S

    So it’d be cool if you make AI fish whenever there’s water (and fish of course) in the map. 😉

    • xThomas

      Actually, there’s a very easy fix! If you look in terrain, underneath the terrain list is the AI for the scenario. There, you change the AI from ‘Arabia’ to ‘Rivers’ or Coastal or some other water map. Hey, it took me a while before I found out about it too 😛

      • WarthonJP

        Haha, ohh :O sounds very nice! I’m going to try it. Thanks for that information 😉

  • GeneralArturgon

    I think that the Mongols shouldn’t have houses. Why? Because, under historical contents, they were a nomadic civilization much like the Huns. Therefore, it’s kind of weird for them to have houses when they rarely stayed in one area for long, and NEVER built permanent cities. I just see that as something that needs to be done. So that the game is more historically accurate if you will.