December: Release Month

Things are slowly coming to closure. A lot of things still need to be polished but overall, we think we have created a well enjoyable game-experience for everyone to enjoy! Now, the game will be released in December, no exact date is set yet, but it’s most likely going to be towards the end of the month. The rest of that month we’ll fill with previews and online events to spotlight the many people that helped out on the project and to build up the hype a little more 😉

What will be released?

Obviously, Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires! However, the game won’t be 100% complete. We have plans for many more campaigns to be added, but in order not to delay the release any more, we will focus on only a few campaigns at launch. The theme for the launch campaigns will be The Italians. Featuring campaigns where you not only take side of some of the most influential Condottieri in history, but also fight them! Other than that, all the civs will be included & fully functional.

More campaigns will be added later and will be made available through downloadable patches.

When will it be released?

We have many events planned in the run-up to the release. The exact date will probably be known as we go, but at this point, it is still unknown. Expect late December though.

What & when will the first event be?

The first event will be this weekend already! Saturday the 1st of December will be our first AoFE weekend. The focus will be on the new graphics and the AI. Together with the graphical artists, we’ll talk about how they tackled the new units & architecture sets. On Sunday the 2nd, the AIs will be showcased, with an incredible AI match and a challenge for a top player to see how many AIs (level: hard) he will be able to handle.

So make sure to tune in at at 19 GMT on either Saturday, Sunday, or both!

  • Eirik_Olavsson

    Good job, looking forward to the upcoming weeks.

  • Eleandro

    Can’t believe it’s coming soon. What will be the moment like to start it the first time? Amazing! I love it!

  • louis12345

    great! keep it up guys

  • Zane

    holy ****! Definatly going to tune in to this guys. I cant wait for the release any more, so much AoFE Multiplayer action incomming together with a lot of friends. Awesome crew, thats what you guys are, keep it up :)

  • Kondrikthus

    Looking forward to it!

  • shinli256

    Your link at the end is rather weird… It says “” but goes to “”.
    I suggest add “http://” before it.

    • Cysion

      Thx, fixed :)

  • Censored

    Is it going to be recorded? I won’t be able to watch the stream tomorrow. Please recorded it

  • kingempire

    so you are planning to make long campaigns about the new civs?
    oh and I hope the campaigns will be as awesome (or better) than the campaigns of AOK and AOC I hope

    i hope someone answers the first one
    and tell me is the campaigns will be as awesome or better than AOK and AOC

    good luck

    • Jaydev


    • Caelir

      Part of our December promotion is giving info about the campaigns. You’ll get your answers and many more before release 😉

      Just keep an eye out, watch this site regularly to see when we have our campaign weekend.

      • Jaydev

        And the new tech tree?

  • Jaydev

    Epic,guys thank you very much and release it soon.Good luck:D

  • WarthonJP

    Yeah, I was imagining it’d be in late December, I just hope it’ll be some days before Xmas ^^