Set sail to Venice, shed off the burden of the Barbarian invasions that have torn your beloved peninsula apart after the collapse of the Roman Empire. Take the role as general of one of the Italian republics that emerged in the chaos and reinstate the might that once shone from your lands. Genoa, Venice, Pisa, Ragusa, Amalfi or even the Papal states. The choice is yours which history to write.

Wage war on the colorful Indian subcontinent, the lands of a thousand kingdoms and sultanates. Put vast armies under your command, spiced up with Camels and Elephants to terrify the invaders of your homeland. Prosperity is hard fought, yet, your culture will stand the test of time.

The icy plains of Eastern Europe have more under their thick crust of permafrost than meets the eye. After the dissolution of the Mongolian Golden Horde and the emerging of the Khanates, the eyes of the newly formed empires set their eyes upon the west. Thundering hooves of Kievan and Moscovite cavalry, escorted by large squadrons of men at arms terrify the established kingdoms on the horizon.

Lead the mighty Black Army over the Hungarian plains and command the fiercest cavalry forces that Europe has ever witnessed in the Middle Ages. The old continent has never been at peace during the Middle Ages, and the Magyars, being the gateway from the Western to the Eastern world surely had their share of epic battles.

Relive the glories of the most extended medieval empire ever to have spread its influence over South America. Conquer Cuzco, lead your armies along the shores of lake Titicaca, defend your wealth and heritage from the invading Conquistadors and erect mighty structures to withstand the test of time.

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  1. Maybe make some of the civs from the original AOE GOLD game, and move them to #2. Also, there should be the Ottoman Empire. They were a powerful empire. Also, what civ would represent Portugal?

          • By the way, some big empires rose in Africa during the medieval era, such as Mali Empire and the kingdoms of Sudan and Ethiopia, which fought and/or transacted with coutries of the Mediterranean Sea.

        • each issue of the age of empires has a story in the time period. like telling AoE1 royal life in ancient times. AoE2 tell kingdom living in the Middle Ages (4-15 century). AoE3 tell kingdom living in the early modern era (13-18 century). if AoE4 and AoE5 not know, because it has not been released. presumed that tells AoE4 kingdoms of modern life (18-20 century) and AoE5 tell kingdom living post-modern era (1949-till now). if there is written English language chaotic beg to apologize.

  2. Hi guys ! Nice work so far !


    Just an idea for a future civ : the Swiss.

    “The military history of Switzerland comprises centuries of armed actions, and the role of the Swiss military in conflicts and peacekeeping worldwide. Despite maintaining neutrality since its independence from the Holy Roman Empire in 1499, Switzerland has been involved in military operations dating back to the hiring of Swiss mercenaries by foreign nations, including the Papal States.”

    “Swiss mercenaries were notable for their service in foreign armies, especially the armies of the Kings of France, throughout the Early Modern period of European history, from the Later Middle Ages into the Age of the European Enlightenment. Their service as mercenaries was at its peak during the Renaissance, when their proven battlefield capabilities made them sought-after mercenary troops.”

    They still are the Vatican Guards these days :

  3. A Moor civ could be interesting too. They’re basically the Western Arabians (from Maghreb and Andalusia), mixed with Berbers, and not simply a copy pasta from the Saracens. They had their own military traditions and created big countries, such as the Caliphate of Córdoba, the Taifa of Seville , the Almoravid Empire or the Almohad Califate, and at some point expanded on the southern half of Italia, almost the whole Iberian Peninsula and even some southern parts of France, not to mention Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Libya.

    • Ho, and not to mention it would be easy to find a wonder to incorporate, Moors built a lot of magnificent mosques and palaces.

      Another great civ would be the Vlachs, ancestors of the modern romanians, which are neither Slavs nor Magyars. In the late Middle Age, they became famous by facing the way more powerful Ottoman Empire, guided by Prince Vlad Tepes of the House of Drăculești, also known as Dracula.

      • Muy buena idea Khan !! Jajaja. Me vuelvo loco por usar a los Valacos haciéndome llamar nada menos que Drácula jajaja, tal vez aparezca algún vampiro entre mis tropas jajaja

  4. Hi guys, sorry for my bad english.
    FIrst, AoE FE it’s an anwesome jobs,

    then, i have some idea for the byzantines.
    First, the varagnian guard, a two hand axeman, with bonus against the well armored troops or another bonus?
    Two remove the camels, there is long time i search some documentation on the byzantines army, and i never see they use camel.
    Three, it’s more a wish list, but have the building ‘skin’ for byzantines like the italian building ‘skin’.
    four, a cavalery unit with javelin like the skirmisher ride a horse. But this last idea it’s not very historical.
    It’s the end for my ideas.

  5. Maybe the second knight’s group which have an attack bonus versus cavalry would not be bad. Against infantry they are a little weaker, however, mounted knights, for the same price and of course on black horses remain, nevertheless…

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