27 thoughts on “Bios

  1. I just wana throw this out there, I heard about the british unique tech about the trebuchet and Id like to say that even thou it sounds sick and seems very usefull,, its actually not, how often do u find urself attacking units with trebuchets anyway?,, it would make more sense for the bombard cannon to have this since its used for often against units… in place of the unique tech I would recommend one that would allow the longbowman to be created at the archery range! now that would be amazing and much more useful, please let me know wat we think about this, ty

  2. about the unique tech for the maggyars about the no gold cost, i think the hussars should be worth more food like 95 f 10 g, in order to place them somewhere in between knights and light cavalry,,, ( y would u buy light cavalry costing 72 f when u can have hussars for 80 f, the mag husars is almost a replacement for the light cav, i thinks its better to have an inbewteen unit) and instead of attack bonus vs siege ( which seems more usefull on defense) how bout attack bonus vs villagers!,,, anyway about the unique tech instead of eliminating the gold cost for the maggyars how about we increase cav speed by 15%?? i think more useful

  3. in the near future it would be very cool to have a button that would allow something like volley fire,,, example, imagine u have about 25 longbows fully up graded and u have about lets say 25 hussars coming at u,, what this button would do is allow the archers to each fire at a different unit withing range, so since its 25 vs 25 each archer would fire a one hussar, this would be very usefull,,, a better example 5 reg monks vs 15 elite longbows, this button would allow for three archers to fire at each monk thus killing all five monks in the first volley alone instead of one by one with focused fire…

  4. maybe you could add a looting system, where if you destroy economic buildings,(Town Center, Lumber Mill, etc.) you receive some, or all of the resources gathered there.

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