Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

The classic real time strategy game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortals. Use mythological creatures like Minotaurs and Cyclopes to bolster your armies’ strength. Call upon the gods for assistance in flattening enemy towns with meteors or scatter opposing troops with lightning storms.

Download on Steam:

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition has been developed by Vancouver based SkyBox Labs. The game features:

  • Original Age of Mythology + Titans
  • Golden Gift campaign
  • Improved Visuals (light effects, day/night cycle, dynamic shadows,…)
  • Full Steamworks integration
  • Steam Multiplayer
  • Mod Workshop
  • Achievements
  • Trading Cards
  • Treaty mode
  • Observer mode

Forgotten Empires LLC assisted SkyBox Labs with QA testing, localisation and general consultancy based on our experiences with the Age of Empires series.

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  • Skratsch

    I’m not sure I understood everything because I’m not that fluent in
    english, but there is no modifications in gameplay, is there? If so, I’m
    disapointed, AoM deserve a mod such as the Forgotten, with new civs
    (Celts? Aztecs? Mezopotamians? Hindu? Shinto? Whatever the mythology it
    comes from I would take it!), new units, new options, etc.
    I would especially like it if god powers weren’t to use once anymore but could be purchased with faith.

    • Correct, the game has no new content, just new features and updated to be playable again for the next decade. A new civ would be awesome though.

      • Satyaki sil

        A brilliant new civ would be the Vedics(Aryans).Religion-Hindu.

    • Akleoni

      Mayans fits most the timeframe. Celts would be a better addition to have contact with the others, cause asian ones could be a little strange with the greeks

  • Juan Pablo Wärthon Wu

    Very good graphics! though I would’ve loved to see new civilizations (like Chinese, Incas, Romans, Hindu, anyyy), new powers and new myth units 🙁

    • Benisa Ramírez

      Your wish came true!!!, they have an add-on of the chinese one: tale of the dragon

      • Juan Pablo Wärthon Wu

        That is sooo true! and I’m really really glad for that :3
        It looks amazing and wonderful.

  • Marcelo Enrique Devia

    it should be cool see the Romans on this game.

    • flip maessen

      such fun, another greek civ -.-

  • Daniel Lopez

    You should try to make a new expansion, where the atlanteans are replaced with a new mithology.

    I heard before that the game only makes 4 civilizations avaliable for the game, so you should replace one to make another. Is this true?

    If yes, Still, it would be cool to make it, replancing the Atlantis one with the Aztec, or Indian mithology. If you want to play atlantean, activate the Titans expansion, if not, activate the other, etc…
    This would complicate the multiplayer somewhat, but better do it than not doing never.

    • flip maessen

      or they just program the game so they can have 5 civs ._.

  • LuchoUy

    When we will hear something about the new expansion? We want aom dev blogs!

    • Couldn’t have posted that at a better time 😀

  • Chetan

    If you could possible include the Indian mythology (Mahabharat) etc .. then it would be an Epic ..

  • freyacrescent

    How do I get this if I don’t have a steam account?

    • Enquidou

      besides an illegal download… not.

  • Wouter Snauwaert

    Give us another DLC, please!

  • Fernando Cristino Reis

    Give us another expansion 😀

  • Felix Gebhard

    Azteken/ Maya??