Design & Management

Bert “Cysion” Beeckman


AI Scripters community


Péter “Richard” Tengg (Kamayuk & Slinger graphics)
Kor Bosch (Genoese crossbowman, Italian Monastery & other retouches on the Italian building set, various eye candy)
1302 (Italian & Magyar wonders, Italian castle, retouches on the Italian and Slavic set)
Yan (Retouches on the Italian and Slavic set, additional eye candy)
Matt Livecchi (Inca wonder)
Wildfire Games/Rome at War team (base for the Italian graphics, wild camel)
Agamemnon (waterfall graphics & base for Slavic graphics)
Nikolay Semenov (base for Slavic wonder)
BOME team (Elephant archer graphics)
Fr_Steve (Boyar grahpics)
Courtjester1 (Condottiero graphics)


Vitalis Eirich (Composer for the new intro tunes)

Sound effects

Péter “Richard” Tengg (Magyar voice files)
Rodrigus (Inca voice files)

AI Team


Campaigns & Scenarios

Sam “Caelir” Geens (Campaign Manager)


Sam “Caelir” Geens (History for Indians, Italians, Magyars & Slavs)
Viceroy (History for Incas, Italians & Slavs)

New Random Maps


Promotion & Social Media



BillAdama (Italian)
USC_Kiky_ (Chinese)
Guizeh (Portuguese Br)
Pitibiribas (Portuguese Br)
SEBA (Spanish)

Development Tools

Keisari Tapsa (Advanced Genie Editor 2)
Ruralist/于广东,中山 (Turtle Pack)
stsb77 (Advanced Genie Editor)
Ykkrosh (GeniEd1 & SWGB DRS Tool)

Communities (International Age of Empires II community) (Age of Kings Heaven)

Beta testing & Balancing


The participants of the AoFE Mini Nations Cup

  • McGee

    Hey Guys you did an awesome job here!
    Anyway I would like to offer you my help in translating from English into German if their isn’t already one out there. I think the Germans would really appreciate it ;)

  • MiloCrans

    Have a question about AI Difficulty, not sure where to send the question so ill just post it here. How do you choose between original difficulty and the new difficulty levels?

    • Caelir

      The old AoC AI is currently unavailable, but will be put back in with the next patch ;)

      • MiloCrans

        Sweet! Thank you

  • GEC_gG

    yeah well done bro*s

  • HumanMale1

    I have a few problems with if of course, but MASSIVE fucking appreciation. This is an awesome accomplishment, and I’ll play the fuck out of this.

    But where is the best place to submit bugs and what-not?

  • otto9407

    I’m a AoE II’s fan since it came out in 1999. The work you have done so far is just incredible. The AI is very good, and also the scenarios are well designed. But according to me there are several improvements which can be done. The models of the new units, condottieros (I don’t like that model at all), magyar huszars…, except the elephants, they’re just great, can be improved a lot, and also the new building style designs (the italians’ castle doesn’t look like a castle) in particular slavs’ buildings.
    But anyway I make you my best wishes for your work, just amazing really, despite all the critics I’ve made, I wanted just to report what, according to me, can be improved. I really enjoyed you work, thanks for what you’re doing to keep this wonderful game alive!

  • thestrider99

    after the 3D letdown that was an awesome unoficial expansion thank’s for saving this franchise

    • thestrider99

      after the 3D letdown that was AoE 3 (forgot to writhe it)

  • Jaydev

    Hey had an idea:in the next patch, why not create a new learning campaign?Aok had one at the release in 1999 but it wasen’t updated with aoc.If we look now,anyone new who plays AOFE and does the learning campaign will not get enough information on the new techs and units.Maybe a small learning campaign which is more in-depth than the one we have now?You could use one of the new civs.

  • ShahFaisal

    Nice work but you can put more units like chariot or ancient greek soldier etc

  • Joker

    Dear Admin of the Page,

    First of all, Im sorry for my long msg but I hope that U will read it all and deliver it to the game designers

    Im a big fan of AoE2 playing it since its release in 1999, I was very happy with this version Forgotten Empires since it made the game balanced and awesome !!!

    Ive been reading almost all comments here on the page and on the game downlaod site and came out with a summary of almost what everyone needs:

    1) Every one wants to add new Civ, but I think they are enough now

    2) What you guys you redesign the Building designs so do the same bldg design for
    Celts, Britons, Franks —> Western Europe Style
    Spanish, Italian and Byzantine —> Mediterranean Sytle
    Teutons, Vikings, Goth —> Central Europe Style
    Huns, Slavs, Magyar –> Eastern Europe style
    Saracens, Turks, Persians, Indian —> Middle Eastern Style
    Chinese, Mongols, Japanese, Korean –>Eastern Asia Style
    Aztecs, Mayans, Incas –>American Style

    3) Unit design shld be different too, so the Saracens Monks shld be different than the Frankish Monk, Italians Spearman different than Indian Spearman etc…

    4) make some balance to the Tech Tree, for example add the Imperial Camel to the Saracens Tech Tree, increase the range of Elephant Archer …etc

    I hope that my opinion will arrive to the game designers :)

  • khaled

    It’s a wonderful game And the new civilizations are awsome but I had a new idea for new armies like the Africans , the Greek , and the Iroquois.
    Also if you can make the armies different visualy like the Aztec champion wears colorful feathers and the same power