Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms

Welcome to Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms; the second new official expansion for the Age of Empires II universe in over 16 years. Challenge friends with four additional civilizations, new units, ships and technologies. Fight your way through the African continent with four campaigns and obliterate your opponents with a fresh batch of units under your command!



  • Berbers – Unite the tribes of Northern Africa and set sail for Europe. Can you hold your ground against the scrambled kingdoms of Iberia?
  • Malians – Follow in the footsteps of the great Mansa Musa and become the greatest king of Western Africa.
  • Ethiopians – Relive the glory of the once mighty Aksumite empire and rule over the Red Sea.
  • Portuguese – Set sail for the new world, discover new routes to unknown lands and expand your trade routes to the mighty African empires.


  • Tariq ibn Ziyad
  • Sundjata
  • Francisco de Almeida
  • Yodit

  • 4 new civilizations
  • 4 new campaigns
  • Improved AI
  • 10 new Special Maps
  • 8 new Real World Maps
  • 5 new Random Maps
  • 10 new terrains
  • Sudden Death mode
  • New generic units & technologies
  • Countless balance adjustments. (Specific African Kingdoms changelog|Complete changelog)
  • Many new scenario editor objects.

Let us know what  you think of the expansion once it’s out!

A very special word of thank to all the people who have helped us on this project! Check the full credits here.

  • Öxkar Paütt

    how download it? where is the link?

  • Gabriel.L

    I just love all the work that this team is doing with the game.The Forgotten was a good DLC, introducing some new civs, new campaigns, some new features and game mechanics, but this DLC, The African Kingdoms is much better with more balanced civs, fully voiced campaigns, many improvements in game, like the naval combat and siege.But I Still miss some civs, like the Vandals, Dutch, Samoans(perhaps)… there is still an amount of cultures to explore.But who knows? An final DLC can be made…

  • Sj Jay

    One of the worst games I ever played.The amount of crashes in this game can’t be beaten by any other game.

  • Capt_Segis

    Can’t restore multiplayer games. Hope you guys could fix this already long-known bug soon.

    Full description of the bug:

  • Jancec jancec

    Have you ever thought to make a Campaign DLC?
    In this DLC , it would be five missions ( campaign mission ) for each realm/empire in the game . I think it would be great to know stories from history. I love this game,i play only singleplayer since multyplayer is lagging. I think this would be good for you to make if most of player’s would want this.Beacuse only thing you would spend is the time on making this campaign. I would buy it if price range would be 5-10 €.

    And next question,have you thought about make RTS like AOE? Just with improvments like putting soilders on the wall etc.

  • Hery

    Please help me, i can not play AOE African Kingdom when play in standard mode. If i click start button is standar games, the games was back to the windows

  • Kaio César Borges Benedetti

    In the next upgrade you could adapt some relic features from AoM to AoE II. It would be nice to have some bonuses for military or economy. The possibilities are limitless.

  • An amazing game, love it 🙂

  • Lobo feroz

    The game is great! But I think the skins of the african villagers must to be black.

  • David Alonso

    I have a problem with African Kingdoms. My Windows XP computer doesn’t run it because it launches an error that it says: “it’s not a valid win32 application” How can I fix It?