2.1 HotFix released tonight

Last patch had a few issues for a small group of people, we’d like to resolve these as soon as possible so everyone can have a bugfree experience of Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires.

Hence we released a hotfix this evening! Head over to the installation page and please download the latest installer. Enjoy!

  • mvalec

    I found small bug in history. Pictures is missing for new civilzations, therefore other pictures do not match to text.

    • Reie

      Me too, please put the correct picture into the correct section :-)

  • PCMaster

    Now the game has subtitles in English, is it possible to restore them in Italian?

  • rdcdt

    it would be nice to have the possibility to choose the limit civilian population (charette + villagers) and no limit to the war unit.