We’re a team of passionate game developers, known for creating an official expansion for the RTS classic, Age of Empires II. We have several exciting projects in the works, so stay tuned! In the meantime, feel free to explore our site and, as always, we’d love to hear from you!

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Age of Empires II HD: The Forgotten

The first official expansion pack for Age of Empires II in over 13 years!

Age of Mythology: Extended Edition

The mythical spin-off from Age of Empires is now updated and available on Steam!

Retaliation: Enemy Mine

A new strategy game coming your way. Something for the tactical masterminds!

Age of Empires II: Forgotten Empires

The original mod that started it all. It is still available for download but development is only continued on the Steam version.

Age of Empires II HD: The African Kingdoms

More information coming soon

  • Development stage 20%

Coming soon!

More information coming mid June

  • Development stage 7%

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Show must go on – New faces!

Hey everyone, There have been some rumors going around in the Age of Empires communities after Ryan Chaply, Microsoft producer on the series for the past few years tweeted the following: Please direct AOE3 inquires to @AgeofEmpires. Unfortunately my group was impacted...

Retaliation: Dev Blog #3 Cross platform Multiplayer

It’s been a while, but amidst all Age of Empires goodness, we haven’t forget about Retaliation! This dev blog focuses on the multiplayer component of the game. For those who are nostalgic for the good old “hotseat” multiplayer games where you...

Age of Empires II: Teasing at E3 2015

Our latest dev blog had some content redacted at the last minute, but we’re happy to reveal that now! The producer of the Age of Empires series at Microsoft, Ryan Chaply, was present at E3 and teased some upcoming goodness for the whole Age series. Age of...

Age of Empires II HD – Dev Blog #2 – Natural Wonders

A lot has happened since the last dev blog, so it’s time for another one! Unlike last time, we won’t be revealing a new civilization this time around, but to make up for it, we have some extra juicy stuff coming later this month. Stay tuned! Safari We...

Age of Empires II HD – Dev Blog #1 – New Civilizations

We’ve got another expansion to make, so where to start! We’re all joyously filled with crazy, weird ideas, bouncing them off the wall and eachother. But we’ll have to squeeze those ideas into a proper game. So where to start? Just like last time, it starts with...

Retaliation: Dev Blog #2

Retaliation: Enemy Mine has made further progress and its single-player release is now available on Desura, with multi-player and many more features coming soon free of charge. We have therefore taken this opportunity to do a little dev-blog on the game and ask the...